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Tips For Utilizing Modern Rugs Within Contemporary Home Décor Themes!

There have been many interior design trends that have permeated throughout the home décor industry in recent years, and modern rugs have undoubtedly stood the test of time in terms of maintaining their popularity among home and business owners.

If you’re currently trying to decorate your home’s floors with a modern area rug, it’s likely that you already have contemporary décor themes throughout your property. This of course is a great start, but there’s still a lot that rug shoppers need to keep in mind prior to pulling the trigger on these expensive investments.

Below are some pro tips to help you utilize modern rugs within your home’s contemporary décor!

Using Modern Rugs To Create Household Definition

Many contemporary homes feature open floor plans, which leaves a lot of space for sunlight and interior design possibilities. If you have an open floor plan at your property, then you likely understand how difficult it can be to define specific areas and their general purpose.

Without household definition, living rooms can easily be confused with dining rooms. When these open areas run into a kitchen, it can make the entire home feel somewhat empty and less organized. This happens in both large and small homes, and many people with studio apartments also run into trouble when it comes to creating definitive household areas.

When you utilize modern rugs to match your existing décor, you can subsequently define specific areas based around the rug’s spatial parameters. This means that you could place one rug underneath your dining room table, another in your foyer area for greeting guests and wiping shoes, and another underneath your living room furniture to develop a cozier ambience.

By simply adding modern area rugs into your contemporary layout, it’ll be much more obvious in terms of what each space is intended for.

Getting The Right Modern Rug Colors To Match Your Household Areas

Home décor colors are meant to evoke certain emotions out of you and your guests, and this is why color is such a crucial factor while you’re shopping for modern area rugs. Not only do you want your new modern rug to match your room’s existing ambience and overall aesthetics, but you’ll also want to ensure that the rug adds to the overall atmosphere that you’re trying to create.

So if you’re decorating a home office space, you may want to choose a more neutral color like tan, gray or white that creates a more professional ambience. And if you’re decorating a children’s playroom, you’ll likely want bright, cheerful colors like green or yellow.

It’s also important to take color coordination in moderation, because too much of it can make your room seem unnatural or contrived.

Adding Variety To Your Modern Rug Purchases

When you’re decorating large household spaces, it’s more difficult to find one area rug that covers all the flooring space that you need it to. In this scenario, rug layering or simply using multiple area rugs is a great option to provide the flooring décor that you need.

However, it’s incredibly important to be careful while attempting this type of décor layout. You can easily make a space seem divided when you choose modern rugs that are the same shape and size, and this is particularly the case if you’re utilizing different patterns or colors.

When you’re using more than one area rug within the same space, be sure to vary the sizes and rug styles to create a more cohesive balance and variety. For example, consider using a round rug near your room’s door, and a larger rectangular rug for the rest of the area.

Keep Your Entire Room In Mind While Choosing Modern Rugs

When a room appears cluttered or overly designed, it can end up becoming visually unappealing. This is partly because your guests won’t be quite sure what the room’s focal point is, which will make it difficult for them to know where they should look.

Consider relaxing your rooms that are already full of colors and unique patterns, but also do so in moderation to avoid distractions. If your room is already brightly decorated or has a generally loud décor, try a neutral-colored modern area rug to even things out and make your floors appear subtler.

On the other hand, if your space already has a subdued or neutral décor, consider adding more visual interest and depth with a colorful area rug.

Shopping For The Correct Modern Rug Sizes

Every modern rug shopper has to do their due diligence when it comes to correctly measuring out their desired rug space. Getting the wrong rug size can potentially disrupt your home’s décor flow, because going too big or too small will create visual cramps.

There are many different techniques that you can utilize when deciphering your optimal rug sizes, but this decision technically is up to you and your personal preferences. Just remember to leave at least three feet of space between your rug’s edges and your room’s walls, and consider a rug that’s large enough to at least accommodate all of your furniture’s front legs.

Reach Out To Rug Source To Check Out Their Vast Selection Of Modern Rugs!

There’s a lot that modern rug shoppers need to consider when making these home décor investments, and the best thing you can do is work directly with rug industry specialists and get all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

It’s understandable how most rug shoppers prefer browsing online, which is why Rug Source is one of the best options for today’s modern rug shoppers. Rug Source is known for their unparalleled customer support, so you’ll be able to send pictures of your home and speak directly with industry experts as you filter through your top options and collaborate toward a great purchase—all while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

You can get in touch with the Rug Source team today by going through the link to their website located at the top of this article!

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