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Table lamps – The best thing to add charm to your place

Lighting is the most important part of our home space. But one thing which is ignored or given less important is table lamps. They are the soul of any home space, whether it is a drawing-room, study room, or bedroom. However, it is the most underrated item found in any home. But now things are changing. With people giving importance to lighting, table lamps are becoming a huge thing.

Many people are getting to understand the importance of having lamps in their homes and office. Thus, to help you find the right lamp and add charm to your place, one should have some sort of knowledge about them. This way you can purchase the best lamp.

Different types of table lamps

Here are some different types of table lamps which will add an oomph factor to your place:

  • Decorative table lamps – As the name suggests, the looks of this type of lamp are its main factor. They are fascinating to look at and can be placed anywhere in the home. Decorative table lamps will add great aesthetic appeal to the place.
  • Fiber optic lamps – Such types of lamps are becoming a sensation now. They are an amazing choice to relieve the mood and are beneficial for kids. Fiber optic lamps come in various varieties and look wonderful.
  • Study lamp – A study lamp is more of a utility lamp. They are not that great to add an aesthetic appeal to the place. But table lamp for study is known to be tall and sophisticated. They are great for kids as well as adults who love reading.
  • Contemporary table lamp – This type of lamp comes with an adaptable metal loop. This is the trademark of this lamp which makes it look gorgeous and suitable for contemporary furnished homes. You can revamp your space by adding this type of lamp.

The right way to buy table lamps

Regardless of whether you are buying table lamps online or offline, here are some of the tips which will help you buy the best lamps for your place:

  • Know the type – Before buying this smart lighting for your home or office, one should be aware of which type he is looking for. Knowing the right type of lamps will help you make the best decision.
  • Style – The style of the table lamp matters the most. You don’t want to buy anything which looks odds and disturbs the whole aesthetics of your home. Ponder upon the shading, material, etc.
  • Aftercare – It is the water and dust which can ruin the beauty of a lamp. Thus, before buying a table lamp for your home or office, it is imperative that you consider its aftercare. If it is easy to clean and requires less maintenance then go for it. Otherwise, ditch it.


Table lamps are crucial for your place. One cannot do without them. Thus, knowing the right types and tips to buy the right one is highly essential. You can always look for brands like Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals to buy the best table lamps.

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