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Five Materials Included With Your Metal Roof Replacement

In simple words, roof replacement can be defined as the process wherein new shingles are placed by removing the old ones. Normal depreciation, unprecedented damages, and likewise are why your roof might need replacement. Although replacing metal roofing can be pretty hefty on the pocket, the investment is worth every penny as a worn-out or damaged roof can jeopardize your entire house. Some of the advantages of roof replacement are –

  • When an old roof is replaced with new shingles, the roof’s longevity increases vis-à-vis a simple roof repair.
  • Roof replacement is more budget-friendly as against regular roof repairs.
  • Roof replacement means that the number of layers of shingles on your roof does not matter.

Now that we know the basics of roof replacement let us look at the top five materials included with a metal roofing replacement.


1. Roof Decking –

Decking is the wooden boards that make up the frame of a roof. It is on these on these boards that shingles and other elements are installed. Thus, with a roof replacement, you might also have to change your roof’s decking. If there are rotten boards, then your decking undoubtedly requires replacement. However, if the roof repair professionals recognize that your decking is intact and feasible, they will install the new roof without replacing it.

2. Underlayment –

It is a felt material used over the decking for additional protection. Underlayment is a crucial aspect of your metal roofing and deserves the best possible investment from you and your roofing contractor. Thus, laying down a new underlayment should be an indispensable part of the roof replacement services.

3. Ice and Water Shield –

The valleys of your roof are integral to ensuring that water flows in the right direction. Thus, the roof valleys need something to protect them from their constant interaction with rainwater. It is in such a context that an ice and water shield comes into the picture. It is a waterproof membrane to protect your roof from ice and water damage. Thus, a roof replacement should mandatorily include an ice and water shield installed in the roof valleys.

4. Roof Flashing –

It is a metal placed anywhere the shingles line up against something, such as a chimney, wall, etc. You might not need a flashing replacement while changing your metal roofing, but a replacement becomes vital in case of rusting or disintegration.

5. Drip Edge –

To keep water away from your fascia and other roofing components, this metal flashing is put around the borders of your roof. It is noteworthy to remember that a drip mandatorily needs replacement when you get a new roof. If your roofing contractor cuts corners and does not install the drip edge, you will have to fix the drip even before taking the next step.

 In conclusion, a holistic metal roofing replacement has to incorporate several components. Being vigilant and communicative with the roofing contractor is key to ensuring that your house receives the best roof replacement.

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